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Doing it all with Experience, Passion, and Responsibility.

Skyeco Group, LLC provides all flatwork Concrete, general construction, roofing and window installation and repair, as well as decking construction and paver restoration, and remodeling serving Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties. Skyeco brings more than 30 years of experience and responsible execution to your home building and improvement projects.  Skyeco Group, the premier Pasco, Hernando, and Pinellas Concrete, roofing company and general contractor.

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Craig Callagher


Craig is first and foremost a visionary. He brings an impressive combination of entrepreneurial ingenuity and inspiring leadership to his work. He has received significant recognition for his part in the foundation and leadership of a prominent Florida Home Builder. With over 3,000 homes completed, it was particularly gratifying for him to be a Featured Builder on two ABC’s Extreme Makeover and being able to contribute to the special needs of a selected Florida and New Orleans families.

Craig has received many awards for his humanitarian contributions, design excellence and energy efficient building. The city of St. Petersburg, Florida, has declared May 9th as “Craig Gallagher Day” to honor his leadership in uniting the building community, and his company received a citation from Governor Bush declaring them the “Preeminent Builder in West Central Florida.” He has received fifteen awards in three Florida counties. A true leader in his field as well as in the community, Mr. Gallagher has been featured on three hours of prime-time network television and his career achievements were featured as the cover story in American Executive magazine.

Being a Service Disabled Veteran also allowed Craig to enter into the Federal Government construction arena. As a FEMA Certified Disaster Analyst, Craig Gallagher was able to help his New Jersey clients navigate complex FEMA regulations.

FEMA Registered Contractor

New Jersey Registered Contractor

Florida Licensed Contractor, License Number CBC058145

Florida Roofing License Number CCC1331671

Contact me at cgallagher@skyecogroup.com

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Skyeco Group is your home improvement, remodeling, concrete, window repair and replacement, roofing installation and replacement specialists.

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