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It could! Some insurers are requiring inspections of older roofs before they will renew home owners insurance. Failing an inspection will require a new roof before obtaining a renewal. What’s worse, others will not even write new policies for homes with a roof over 20 years old. “The trend is to require an older roof– 15 to 20 years plus—to have an inspection to get a renewal”, says Chip Merlin, of Tampa-based Merlin Law Group, P.A.



The short answer is it depends on your roof. If it has been reroofed in the past, sometimes cities in Pasco County will not allow a third layer. Most roofs last between 15-20 years based on the environment and type of shingle. If the edges of the shingles are beginning to curl or if there is a lot of granule loss, closer inspection is necessary. In the vast majority of these instances a new roof will be required.

In addition, if there are any past or current leaks which may be caused by skylights, vents, flashings, wind, or storm, an inspection of the roof system itself should be done. Finally, the type of shingles that are currently on the home factor into whether or not re-roofing is advisable.

The one-ply (flat) shingles look better when new shingles are placed over them than the two-ply architectural (dimensional) ones. Tearing off the entire roof system is more expensive than just re-roofing because of additional labor, materials and debris removal. The entire process also takes longer than re-roofing. However, the tear off process also provides for greater inspection of the entire roof system and provides for a superior roof over all.

A Word about Roof Flashings– Sometimes the flashings are not replaced when a home is reroofed. New flashings, especially the drip-edge kind which are specifically made for replacement roofs, will secure a tight seal which also prolong the life of the new roof. Laying new shingles over old ones, rather than removing the old ones first, is possible depending on the circumstances, but new flashings are considered best practice.


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The Skyeco staff were very friendly and professional. The quote was most competitive. The workmanship was great. They completed the work fast. They cleaned up the entire area inside and outside after work was completed. We have recommended them to several of our friends. It was very hard getting a reliable GC after Hurricane Michael destroyed our town.


"It has been very difficult to get suitable and responsible contractors to accomplish my needed repair work. SKYECO Group was highly recommended to me personally by 3 other local Mexico Beach residents who have employed them. I respect SKYECO's work, having seen it first-hand. I am completely satisfied with my selection."


We have lots of damage to our home after the hurricane, and Skyeco is doing all the repairs for us. Roof, siding, fence, deck, and all our interior work. Our roof was completed in less than 2 days, and we are moving on to phase ll.  They have made the process for us so easy and are always there to answer any questions we have. Highly recommend Skyeco for any work that you may need.



After my home was devastated by the storm surge from Hurricane Michael I was at a loss to find a competent general contractor until I found Stephen Smith and Skyeco. Extremely prompt in meeting with me and preparing the estimate. Very professional and a pleasure to work with. In my past professional career in commercial roofing (for 25 yrs), I have never seen a "team" that worked so quickly and in unison. In one day they had the tarp & shingles removed, peel & stick product put down and dimensional shingles put back on (to code, I might add). They also repaired and replaced the screen on my back porch. Another great job.  We're on to Phase II which are "hurricane" (imagine that) windows/doors.

Mexico Beach, FL


Skyeco is . . . my third roofer since the storm, and third time is definitely a charm. The first roofer was about to shingle over a huge hole in my roof if I hadn't caught it and charge me $3500 more than the bid to do it. The second roofer's new roof had 4 leaks after a week, was saggy and crooked. You can imagine my skepticism with contractors after that, but Skyeco hit the nail on the head (pun intended). They got it right and completely exceeded the expectations I had by going above and beyond in leveling my roof out. We are ordering windows tomorrow, and I look forward to them finishing out my interior. I lost my porches and fences and based on the craftsmanship I have seen so far, I know it will be superior work. Look forward to my house being pretty again guys. Thanks for your patience and taking care of me.



Skyeco stepped in and did an amazing job. I had my roof replaced, structure damage repaired, and drywall and painting completed. These things were finished in 3 days. These guys were very professional and extremely easy to work with. I am very pleased with the jobs they performed. I have and will continue to refer this company to all who need construction.

Pensacola, FL


SKYECO was professional and did a superb job at my house. I would highly recommend this team. Their workmanship was superior, and they even cleaned up before leaving each day.



We had the pleasure of working with Skyeco and their crew and were pleased with the work they performed. They were very professional, and they got the work done quickly. I definitely recommend them to neighbors and friends.



Highly recommend this outfit for roofing and contractor needs. Very professional, competitive prices and competent workmanship!!



Nice friendly crew explains the process to you and gets the work done. Cleans up debris. Very honest company--I am so glad to have Skyeco to put a new roof on my house, and the price was very, very good.



Skyeco remodeling helped us out when we could not find a reputable contractor to remodel our kitchen and baths. Our friend recommended them, and they did a great job. We now have a place that we are proud to have our friends and family over to visit. Skyeco is honest and does excellent work.

Hudson, FL


Our home in Hudson needed windows. We selected Skyeco and our experience was very good. The price was competitive. The work was neat and our windows look great. Thank you Skyeco.

Port Richey, FL


Recently we had Skyeco Roofing Company redo our roof and we are very pleased with their work. They were fast and did quality work. We would recommend them to anyone.

Port Richey, FL